Our Mission:

To help as many entrepreneurs as possible get real life experience in running their own business so that they can become New Age Entrepreneurs.

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The goal of our totally independent learning platform is to teach people a way to be successful in entrepreneurship, investing to build wealth. 

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Agency, Airbnb, Scaling 

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Exclusive Student Community

Exclusive Student Community

A Silver Stonks Company

Entrepreneurs University is an educational platform run by the Silver Stonks team. Silver Stonks’ mission is to help people protect and diversify their assets, utilizing blockchain technology, crypto, and NFTs. 

Phase 1: Choose A Path

  1. Online Income Generation
  2. Generate Profits
  3. Scalable to 6 Figures

Phase 2: Invest to Accumulate Assets

When your income reaches six figures, we start teaching you investment strategies to boost your earnings and accumulate assets.

Phase 3: Scale and Build Wealth

The last phase is receiving mentoring on how to optimize your processes and accelerate the growth of your company.

Wealth Management Advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program

The next cohort will start in January 2, 2023. We will start the course on a specified date so that you can learn alongside a community of like-minded individuals and have productive group sessions.

Programs on Entrepreneurs University is for anyone willing to invest time and effort into starting their own business. We advise you to download the program brochure after reading the details on the program main page, which has more detailed information. Contact us if you still have concerns.

There only pre-requisites to enroll in Entrepreneurs University programs include:

  • Willingness to learn
  • Commitment to finishing the program and following through with activities
  • A computer
  • Internet connection

More than 50 percent of our participants are from outside the United States. Class profiles vary from one cohort to the next, but, generally, our online certificates draw a highly diverse audience in terms of professional experience, industry, and geography — leading to a very rich peer learning and networking experience.

Check back to this program web page or contact us to inquire if future program dates or the timeline for future offerings have been confirmed yet.

The Learning Experience

A weekly estimated learner effort is included for each program. This is mentioned in the Duration section at the top of the program landing page as well as in the program brochure. Ultimately, the time you spend on each course also depends on how much time you are putting into your specific business.

This application has been created to integrate into your present working life as seamlessly as possible. Time will be divided between a number of activities, such as:

  • Engaging with recorded video lectures from instructors
  • Attending webinars and office hours, as per the specific program schedule
  • Reading or engaging with examples of core topics
  • Completing knowledge checks/quizzes and required activities
  • Engaging in moderated discussion groups with your peers
  • Completing steps towards launching and growing your business.

The program is designed to be highly interactive while also allowing time for self-reflection and to demonstrate an understanding of the core topics through various active learning exercises. Please contact us if you need further clarification on program activities.

Peer learning adds substantially to the overall learning experience and is an important part of the program. You can connect and communicate with other participants through our learning platform.

Technical Requirements

To access the learning platform, participants will need the most recent version of their preferred browser. The ability to access documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, and transcripts also requires Microsoft Office and a PDF viewer.

The learning platform may be viewed online, and downloading video content is not possible. On the other hand, you may download files with readings, assignment templates, video transcripts, etc. You may access program content from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device for optimum flexibility.

Any streaming webinars and office hours must be aired over the internet, and video courses must be streamed as well. These sessions are always recorded, though, so you may watch them at a later time.


To help you understand what will be necessary before enrolling, each program offers an anticipated learner effort each week. This is mentioned in the Duration section at the top of the program landing page as well as in the program booklet, which can be downloaded by filling out the short form at the top of this website. All programs are made to fit around your schedule at work.

Participants must do the necessary tasks in order to succeed and get the completion certificate for this program, which is graded on a pass-or-fail basis. For some programs, passing entails submitting a final project or additional requirements. The program brochure will make note of this information. If you have any questions, please email us at learner.success@emeritus.org.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a smart digital certificate. The smart digital certificate can be shared with friends, family, schools, or potential employers. You can use it on your cover letter, resume, and/or display it on your LinkedIn profile.
The digital certificate will be sent approximately two weeks after the program, once grading is complete.

No, following successful completion, only validated digital certificates will be provided. This enables you to share your credentials on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For a full year after the program's start date, you'll have access to the online learning platform, all the videos, and other program materials. According to the rules of the agreement, access to the learning platform is only permitted for registered participants.

Payment Process

You can sign up for the program up to seven days after the announced start date without missing any of the essential program content or lessons.

There are different membership tiers that will give you access to different levels of the platform. Students will have the option to participate in a specific course, or pay a yearly membership to join the university as a full time student.

You can use a debit card or wire transfer to make bank transfers in the program currency. For further information, please speak with your program adviser or send us an email.

To obtain an invoice for a particular program, send an email with your specific program interest and your billing requirements.

Refund Process

Within 48 hours of your payment, whichever comes first, you may ask for a complete refund. You won't be eligible for a refund if your enrollment was previously postponed. Refunds that are partial (or prorated) are not available. Send any cancellation or refund requests via email.

You have up until the program's halfway point after the program's announced start date to apply to be deferred to a later cohort. A deferral request must be presented with a justification and explanation that are given. Only one cohort change is permitted each enrollment, and it depends on whether additional cohorts we have booked are still available. The one deferral per enrollment restriction still stands, and this will not be relevant for deferrals made during the refund period. To request a deferral, email us.